Silagra- is a medical treatment which can restore male potency. With this remedy every man is able to increase his erection in 4 times, helping him to avoid awkward situations in bed and become more self-confident. Silagra has the same active ingredient as in Viagra, it is the most popular analog of it. Silagra drug produced by Indian company Cipla – international pharmaceutical company. Founded in 1935 in India. The company manufactures and supplies to different countries of the world more than 2000 items of medicines.

A problem with potency is particularly popular nowadays. Practically there is no man who would not be worried about this issue. With the age, such a misfortune overtakes every member of the male gender. Is there a reliable solution for male impotence? Silagra is a treatment which helps millions of men every day. It is the most popular analog of Viagra. So, the most important active ingredient of Viagra is sildenafil. It is presented in a formulation of sildenafil citrate.


  • Silagra tablet has 100 mg of active substance – Sildenafil citrate. This ingredient increases blood circulation in the pelvis. Silagra- anufactured tablets which are coated with a protective sheath. The tablets are packed in blister foil. Then placed in a cardboard blister pack.


  • Besides Sildenafil Citrate there are auxiliary components in the drug. Among such substances can be identified such component parts as:
  1. croscarmellose sodium
  2. indigo carmine
  3. the anhydrous calcium hydrogen phosphate
  4. aluminum paint
  5. The magnesium stearate
  6. lactose
  7. titanium dioxide
  8. valium
  9. triacetin

Such components should be benign drug to combat erectile dysfunction. Due to these components achieved the desired pharmacological effect on the male body. The drug restores erection processes, improving the sexual life of a person. Those who manifest erectile dysfunction can get help with Viagra. It helps with any kind of erectile dysfunction.


  • One pill of Silagra 100 mg should be administrated one hour before the planned sexual intercourse. The maximal daily dosage is 150 mg per day. The dosage should never exceed 150 mg.

Additional information:

There are three main types of male erectile dysfunction exist:

  • psychogenic
  • mixed
  • organic

Silagra works actively, whatever the level of violations may have been a man. If you have planned sexual intercourse, you should drink the pill an hour before sexual intercourse. A single dose, which is considered optimal for an adult male is fifty milligrams but you can increase the dosage to 150 mg.


There are some exceptions. The effectiveness of the drug, as well as individual men’s portability means affect the dosage, in rare situations. For some, the dosage may be reduced to twenty-five milligrams. For some man it will be necessary to administrate a Silagra 100mg. Regardless of the circumstances and needs of the person, you need to remember one rule:

If you get more than 150 mg- you will have a possibility of overdose. The number 150 is the maximum, the top dose. Standard dose is fifty milligrams. This dosage is not necessary to increase for men in a mature age.

The drug is available for everyone. There is practically no limitations. Do not use the drug only to those who are too sensitive to any component of the medication. Also, the restriction applies to men who have there are all manifestations of the deformation of the penis. In case of overdose, treatment is needed for the cause of symptoms.

Additional information:

Silagra does not lose its properties if it stored in a dry place. Storage space should not be accessible to animals and children. The optimum temperature for storage is twenty-five degrees. The main thing not to exceed the brink of thirty degrees. On expiry, the goods may faithfully serve for two years. If the medicine has exhausted its shelf life, do not take risks. This tool does not take on a momentum of the desired result.
Silagra can be purchased online without a prescription of the doctor. Therefore, first of all, you must pass the inspection of the doctor and get experts advice. Self-medication can be fatal. The dose should be administered by your doctor.

Preparation Silagra with an active ingredient sildenafil 100mg: about, side effects, the principle of action, order. Silagra is the best remedy for male ED.

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The last review received on 11/10/2015 : “Nick, 43 years old. I’ve tried Silagra the first time about 2 weeks ago. I loved the effect as it was very soft but same time its effect was very strong, for my type of erectile decease I needed 100mg pill. I would recommend this treatment for my friends, thanks.”