Silagra Reviews:

"Silagra works GREAT regardless of what it is talked about. It's of the same effect as Viagra. I tell you cause I tried Viagra first but it's very expensive. I'm not a millionaire to buy it each time that's why I decided to try generic drug and opted for silagra. No regrets, guys, I'm happy with the results for this price."

"My ED drives me crazy especially when I'm not in my old age yet. The first medication that came to my mind when I faced this problem was Viagra of course, there is hardly a person who hasn't heard about it I guess. Surely, I tried it and have been taking for two years, which is a long period. Well, i'm not a sex machine, but I love sex and try to have it quite often. You know, it turned to be an expensive treat for me till I found a cheaper tabs. I tried generic viagra or silagra. It IS great! I haven't seen any differences except sufficient savings after I gave preference to a cheaper drug."

"Silagra is wonderful! It performs always, well probably fails only with an ugly woman:)"

"As for me, I decided on silagra. I can't tell you why, maybe due to lots of positive reviews I found about it. I'm satisfied with the result, the only flaw is that I'm one of few who still had side effects, digestion and runny nose. But they are easily coped, at least they faded when the pill worked out. Not a big deal I think for nice performance."

"Hi there. First, i'm thankful to my friends for hooking me up, I even didn't expect such a tiny tab can solve a huge problem and what is more restore my relationships. Second, if you are facing the same problem as I am, an impotence I mean, there is a powerful remedy for it!"

"Seams like silagra is a great medication. I'm gonna to give it a try. What dosage do you use?"

"I'm here to share my experience of taking silagra, and it is terrificly positive and uplifting. Yes, silagra is great as many of other men here were telling, and yes it works always, at least for me. I haven't heard it failed to perform, but probably for some, I hope very few, it is less effective as for the majority. Or you should try a larger dosage. As for me, I usually buy 100 mg and divide it as I noticed that a half of a dose is good for me. But i'm still buying a larger dosage, just in case."

"I'm shocked! I didn't believe it's possible to find really a decent medication for such a low price. But I also one of those who are on silagra and since then I enjoy it, well sex actually, very much."

"I'm taking only a quarter of a pill, I mean 25 mg and I can tell you I don't need any more. The result is fantastic, just like real viagra. Did you notice the difference? I don't. The price only."

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